St Albans


Unclaimed Items Left Behind/Found At/After This Year’s Festival

(Note – some other items of no apparent value were discarded.)

Black cloth blade or harmonica pocket

Black rimmed glasses

Black Fan

Music Book (black folder with Ukulele Chord Chart)


Black water bottle (Black & Deadly)

Brown sun glasses

Back Brace

Copper Ring

Blue Stool

2 x ‘Somedays’ T Shirts

Soccer Ball

Red Woollen Hat

Pair Grey and Brown Shoes

Red Sandals – (Anthony has)

Green water bottle – (Anthony has)


Black Roll Neck Jumper

Blue Fleecy Jacket with grey collar

Large Pair Beige Boots

Purple rimmed glasses

Black leather hat

Black felt hat

Akubra style hat

Orange scarf

Bag of silver flow rings

Black water bottle (Act Smart Public Event Recycling)

Small blue ocker strap

Yellow flower pin.

Items lost but not handed in to Lost & Found at the festival.

Owner would appreciate the return of:

Olive Green Vest

Plastic/Rubber Wallet

Car and House Keys

Single Tooth on a denture? plate

Camera Lens Cap

Programme with notes written all over it.

Bow Case

Plastic cup with Luke O’Shea Beer Cooler

Black Bulky Bike Lock

Black Sleeveless Puffer Jacket


Unclaimed Items Left Behind/Found At/After 2016 Festival

1 x pair Sun glasses

1 x pair Spectacles with green  frames

1 x pair Collette Dinnigan Spectacles

1 x Lee Oskar harmonica in black case

1 x Red toy car

10  x silver chains (for necklaces) on a card

4 x necklace/sunglass cords with clasps

1 x round leather pendant craft piece

$3.00 in coins – made up of 1 x $2.00 coin – 1 x 50 cent coin,  1 x 10 cent coin,

1 x 20 cent coin, 4 x 5 cent coins wrapped in yellow paper advertising banjo for $300 but this may have just been used by the finder to wrap the coins in. It is believed that this money belonged to some busking kids.

1  x large silver capo

1  x small  silver capo

1 cream hat with black band

1 knife and 1 fork & 1 dinner plate – white with blue edge

1 x A5 spiral note book containing song titles

1  x A4 green spiral folder containing songs

1 white metal  water flask printed on it – in black writing ‘Positive – in green writing “Vibes” – in red writing  “Only”

1 x blue and black folding guitar stand

1 x black leather dog lead – frayed

1 x purple sloppy joe – brand name “Qualitops” ( recorded as Jumper –purple with white collar )

1 x multi coloured beanie (recorded as green, black, white woolen)

1 x green beanie

1 x pair yellow and black shorts – size 82cms/32”

1 x dark grey men’s underpants – with a picture of a monkey on the front – recorded on red tag on waist line “bottom line”  

1 x black coat with red lining – branded  “ Esprit collection”

1 x wine coloured woolen coat/cardigan – brand name “Boden”  (with no buttons or zip)

  Unclaimed Items Left Behind/Found At/After 2014 Festival

Music Stand

Straw Hat

‘Carlsberg’ Beanie Grey with black& white stripe

Guitar Stand

Fingerless Gloves

Black toy

Gold coloured brooch – heart shaped

1 rectangular 18 x leadlight Torch, black with red stripe & hanging hook

Umbrella – Black & White with music notes

Guitar Strap, Blue Enie Ball

Glasses, Reading, silver thick frame in brown leather “ NIB Eye Care “ case

Glasses, distance, tortoise shell arms in brown leather Gibb & Beeman” case

1 Black Glove

1 baby’s Bonnet

Black dress - Sleeveless

1 Black Woolen Beanie

1 Torch, thin, circular white with green handle

1 Tambourine

Thongs, small, black

2 unusual “keys” found in Workshop Cabin which may suit a briefcase or similar

1 multi coloured beanie – Jewish style

Glasses, thin silver frames – in grey cylindrical case

Necklace, silver with charms

Red Jacket with gold buttons

Lost Property