St Albans

Summary of the things you need to know about St.Albans Folk Festival.

(If you want a longer version, phone the Festival General Contact person & it will be sent to you).

Contacting Festival Organisers

Please Note...The festival is mostly run by volunteers who do not live in the town or the area. The contact details of the organisers cease to be available from about 3 days prior to the scheduled start date.

 Please use the specific ‘Last Contact’ telephone number shown on the website contact page up to the time specified. Use the Festival St Albans Phone number from the contact page from the time specified but expect to get an answering machine. Late new will be posted on the Website.

 All enquiries outside the actual festival week/end period should be directed to the appropriate position for your enquiry (eg Performer or Volunteer co-ordinator). General enquiries should be directed to the ‘Festival General Contact’ person shown on the website.

Our event

* Our festival is a fabulous event but it is basically held in a very small town with almost none of the usual facilities. The main venue is a marquee in a paddock. What we offer is a wonderful site, great performers, excellent sessions and the great ‘vibe’ of the place.

What you need to bring

* Market Stalls provide various food and drink during the actual festival weekend period

* There is a Pub, the Settlers arms selling food and drink and the Fickle Wombat licenced cafe

* Other than the above you need to bring your own:-  food;  water (including drinking water);  ice;  all camping & cooking equipment;  firewood;  alcohol;  fuel & gas supplies; a warm coat;  cash (there is no ATM & only the pub does any Eftpost);  telephone box phone card or coins (there is basically no festival telephone service or mobile phone coverage).

* You should bring sufficient supplies to last the full period of your stay, unless you want to drive for at least ½ an hour to a larger town.

Sorry, No Dogs

* Please leave your dog(s) at home!  You will not be able to bring your dog/s into ANY festival venue including the market stall area or any camping area specifically under the control of the festival organisation.  Official Guide dogs and officially registered companion animals (certification required) are exempt from this rule.


* There are a number of Camping areas available in & around the town.  Most are free but have very limited facilities.  The Council own the park across from the Pub and the area in front of the Tennis Courts and these are subject to council rules. Gordon McDonald owns the area across from the Main Venue and charges a small fee. Other areas are subject to Festival rules. Campsites are designated as ‘Quiet Camping’, ‘Session Camping’ (for those who want to stay up into the wee small hours) and ‘Curfew Camping’ (where the noise/sessions must end at midnight).  See the festival office for locations.

* Showers are available in the ‘Container’ for a small fee at designated times according to gender.

* Do not camp in the driveways or on the properties of the locals.

Getting to the festival

* There is basically no useful public transport service to St. Albans.

* We have heard several complaints about Sat Nav systems and routing to St Albans so beware.

* Driving to St. Albans, you are likely to encounter one or more of the following hazards: narrow & winding roads with tight corners; unsealed roads from some directions (with dust being a problem if you are following another vehicle); animals on the road, (particularly kangaroos, wallabies & wombats at dusk); and other festival goersl trying to beat you to the best camping spots. See Location Tab